Stewart Indian School Living Legacy

Saving the legacy of the Stewart Indian School as a tribute to Nevada history

The Stewart Indian School was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a Historic District on September 18, 1985. The site (approximately 110 acres) is currently managed by the State of Nevada. The areas of significance identified in the nomination include architecture, education and American Indian culture. The District is an extremely well preserved example of a U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs rural boarding school and is distinguished by a unique collection of vernacular buildings dating between 1910 and 1944.

Ask any younger alumni and locals what their fondest memories of the Stewart Indian School are and you no doubt will hear stories involving the original gym. The Stewart Braves basketball style of dribbling is legendary; while other teams bounced the ball, the Braves rolled it. The 1966 Northern State High School level A championship season is still being talked about today.

Governor Brian Sandoval is one of Nevada’s locals who shares fond memories of Stewart Indian School and its gym. During the 78th Legislative Session the Governor included 1.2 million dollars to be used for the gym restoration in his budget. So now, thanks to Sandoval’s funding request and legislative approval, the gym is receiving the attention it so richly deserves.


Work begins to revitalize the Old Stewart Indian School Gym

Restoration efforts began in the summer of 2017 with a needs assessment. From there, the State Public Works Division determined the two most vital aspects of restoration; clean/abatement, and roof replacement. The gym has recently been cleared of old debris and asbestos. The shuttered windows have had their boards removed allowing light and warmth to once again pour into the gym. Designs and plans are being drawn up to seismically stabilize the existing interior roof timbers and beams and replace the rotting exterior roof. Work is slated to begin Spring 2019.

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