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Creating Stories: Artwork of the Stewart Alumni

September 15, 2023 – February 2, 2024

Curator Melissa Melero-Moose (Fallon Paiute/Modoc) presents, “Creating Stories: Artwork off the Stewart Alumni.” This exhibition features paintings, drawings, basketry and more made by former students
of Stewart Indian School.  

Clark Kowchee


Great Basin Native Artists Gallery Curator

Melissa Melero-Moose began her work with the Stewart Indian Commission in 2014, speaking about the Great Basin Native Artists (GBNA) at the Nevada Indian Territory Tribal Conferences. In 2019, Stewart asked her to be a part of the design consulting for the planning process of the Stewart Museum and then gallery curator for the Great Basin Native Artists (Wa-Pai-Shone) Gallery.

She is a mixed-media visual artist, writer and curator. She is a Northern Paiute enrolled with the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe with ties to Fort Bidwell Paiute, California. She lives in Hungry Valley, Nevada working as a professional artist, contributing writer for First American Art Magazine and founder/curator of the art collective the Great Basin Native Artists. She is a descendant of Stewart Alumni dating back from 1911 – 1974.


GBNA mission: To create better knowledge of the art and peoples of the Great Basin and to create opportunities for this underrepresented region in all forms of the arts.

GBNA goals:

    • Maintain a Great Basin Native Artists archive and  online directory
    • Exhibiting opportunities as a group for local, national, and international Native art exhibitions
    • Cultural arts education to the Native and non-Native community
    • Art business workshops for professional and emerging artists
    • Forum for Native artists and interested community members to connect
    • Online presence for rural Native artists

The Evolution of a Native American Artists Collective – Webinar  with Melissa Melero-Moose

Melissa attended an interview on the Double Scoop Podcast where she talks about the ongoing challenges Indigenous artists face in gaining visibility and recognition. Listen to the full interview here.

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