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“We remember your sacrifices, you have not been forgotten.” Shan Goshorn, Eastern Band Cherokee


Remembrance Run 2022- August 13-14

The Stevens family invites you to the Remembrance Run, a 50 mile journey from the Yerington Paiute Reservation to the Stewart Indian Museum, to honor the children who survived Indian boarding schools and to remember those who never came home.  

Remembrance Run Schedule

Download printable schedule Here.

Friday August 12
Camping at Berni Giron Park, 171 Campbell Lane, Yerington, NV

Saturday August 13
6:00 am Delmar Stevens gives traditional Native American blessing, journey begins
              Journeyers complete 25 miles, with stops every five miles to rest and hydrate
              Camp overnight at Sunrise Pass, sharing stories of Stewart

Sunday August 14
6:00 am Journey resumes
              Journeyers complete 25 miles
1:00 pm Old Stewart School Cemetery Remembrances, prayers, honoring, decorating graves by Washoe tribal members Marty Meeden,     Dorothy McCloud
3:00 – 4:00 pm Journeyers arrive at Stewart Indian School
                        Tour Stewart Indian School Cultural Center & Museum
                        View painting dedicated to Togo by Michael Rowden
                        Speeches from honored guests
4:00 – 5:00 pm Dale Bennet, Washoe tribal member, providing Indian tacos for honored guests and 100 participants, and selling tacos to    those who did not journey
                         Ping Pow Poom will provide icy refreshments

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Inheritance: Basketry and Art of the Great Basin

Exhibition extended until September 30, 2022

Curator Melissa Melero-Moose (Fallon Paiute/Modoc) is presenting the exhibition, “Inheritance: Basketry and Art of the Great Basin”. This exhibition will be on display through June 3 and displays pieces by invited artists from the Great Basin Native Artists Collective founded by Melero-Moose; the Great Basin Native Basket Weavers Association, and the permanent collection of the Stewart Indian School Cultural Center & Museum. Among the featured artists in this new exhibition are Ben Aleck, Leah Brady, Loretta Burden, Rebecca Eagle, Sandra Eagle, Karma Henry, Micqaela Jones, Everett Pikyavit, Roger Salas, and Tanaya Winder.

CLICK HERE to download a press release for “Inheritance: Basketry and Art of the Great Basin”

Artwork by Ben Aleck (Pyramid Lake Paiute)

Land Acknowledgement: We acknowledge the traditional homelands of the Wa She Shu (Washoe), Numu (Northern Paiute, Newe (Western Shoshone), and Nuwu (Southern Paiute) people of Nevada. This includes the 27 bands, tribal nations, and colonies that exist as sovereign nations and continue as stewards to this land. We appreciate the opportunity to live and learn on these Indigenous homelands.

Our hearts are breaking: Just as the world is processing news of the children’s remains found at the Canadian residential schools, alumni and families of the Stewart Indian School in Carson City, Nevada, recognize that similar losses of children’s lives happened at boarding schools in the US. The alumni are working with the staff of the Stewart Indian School Cultural Center & Museum to document the children and we are working on ways to help the alumni to process their emotions from this news. The goal of our museum is to honor the children who attended the school, tell the truth about their experiences, and help the alumni, their families, and their communities to heal.

Helping to heal from Historical Trauma:
• Helping Stewart alumni and families process grief about recent news
• Hosting Remembrance Run August 14, Kutoven Stevens honoring great-grandfather Frank Quinn, former Stewart student
To download more information about Historical Trauma – Click Here
Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Investigative Report
Department of the Interior releases investigative report, outlines next steps in Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative

Supporting Nevada tribal nations and honoring event
• Providing boarding school historical information to schools
• Researching and documenting students who attended Stewart to comply with Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland’s initiative
•  August 14th  – 2nd Annual Remembrance Run – Click Here for information from the Stevens family

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